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"I benefitted from reading Larry's book and attending his seminar.  Even though all of his cases were Minnesota officers, the shootings could have occurred in any state.  Law enforcement must learn from the tragedies of officers killed so that they have not died in vain.  Shooting incidents must be presented in a frank forthright way and Larry does that."  Detective Dave Voelker, Kelso (WA) Police Department

"Great book for reality based training scenarios.  The incidents are relevant and real."  Josh Seifert, Firearms/Deadly Force Instructor, Bloomington (MN) Police Department.

"I was involved in a shooting in 2001 and I was surprised how detailed the book was.  The incident was described very accurately."  Jason Cardinal, Fridley (MN) Police Department.

"I attended Larry's seminar and read his book as well.  I think both should be mandatory for law enforcement officers at every rank.  Officers need to mentally prepare themselves for deadly force encounters.  The book and seminar helped me visualize such events.  Lessons can be learned from every situation described in his book.  Learning from those situations gives an officer a tactical mental edge to act appropriately when encountered with a threat.  It also made me realize that it is my duty as a SWAT Commander to prepare officers physically as well as mentally to prepare for a deadly force encounter."  Commander Tim Flynn, St. Paul (MN) Police Department SWAT Team.

"Should have this as General Session with more time!"  "Very good!"  "Want more!" "Excellent on every aspect!"  (Anonymous critiques from September 2013 Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center Training Seminar, Bloomingdale, IL) 

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